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Beulah Women Ministry Program

Goals and Objectives:

Many Women Ministries duplicate what the parent church do and teach. For diversity they do some fashion shows and cook, eat and drink. Yet the matters of the heart common and in some cases peculiar to the woman race get little or no attention. Older women’s’ need to teach the younger women was strongly recommended by Paul in the book of Titus chapter 2. God in His love and mercy has trained some of us older women to teach the younger ones and we in Beulah Ministries have answered the call to fulfill this purpose of God in the life of women across the world through the Women Ministries.

We help the women leaders to acquire the building blocks necessary to make their ministry maintain a long term success record along with building spiritual and social skills so that they are not only successful in their Parent Churches but also in their personal lives.

The format for the training and setting up a Joy driven Women Ministry is a series of Twelve meetings and Leadership training geared to inspire, motivate, comfort, exhort, and edify the women and their leaders.. Expected outcomes for active, consistent and committed women will include use of Biblical principles to: