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Knowing GOD: You Must Value Intimacy with GOD above all!

Knowing GOD: You Must Value Intimacy with GOD above all!

The more you know GOD, the more you want to know HIM. The love of GOD is addictive; the more you experience GOD and HIS love, the more you crave it (Ephesians 3:19). The more you crave to experience HIM, the less anything else really matters. Moses and Paul are a few examples (Exodus 33:13, Philippians 3:2-13) of men of GOD who continually craved intimacy with GOD. The apostle Paul emphasized in Philippians 3:8 that all the things that he once thought very important are nothing compared to the great honor of knowing JESUS CHRIST as his master. Moreover, every ccomplishments he once bragged about became insignificant in the light of his pursuing intimacy with CHRIST. He considered them dung (the excrement of animals or manure) when compared to the excellence of knowing GOD. Paul’s credentials were quite impressive, but he considered them all worthless when compared to the high honor of knowing CHRIST. Paul valued his relationship with GOD above everything!

You must value highly and guard jealously your relationship with GOD if you want to develop it and increase in it. It happens neither by accident, nor by mindless routine or religious rituals. You have to have a deep desire for you to experience it. .

Why should you desire intimacy with GOD? it is because everything you need and want comes through the knowledge of GOD (2Peter 1:2-3, Hosea 4:6), much more faster than fasting and praying.

It is not about the number of scriptures you know, but how deeply you believe and hold onto the scriptures you do know. For example, if GOD gives you John 14:12, and you believe HIM, then you will step out in faith, and you will begin to do the works that HE did and expect to do greater works. If He says do not be anxious, but with prayer and supplication tell HIM what you want, then you will do that and trust HIM enough not to worry as you enjoy intimacy with HIM. Refuse to consider what anybody or anything else says.

Take time to meditate on the love GOD has for you. In a quiet corner, try to imagine the suffering, death, and resurrection of JESUS on your behalf (Isaiah 53). Remind yourself that if you were the only person on the face of the earth, JESUS still would have died for you. That’s love! And that is the gospel truth!

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