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Favored Beulah international College (FBIC) offers transformative and Spirit-inspired courses grounded in grace, faith, and 21st-century skills and competencies. This foundation lays the undergirding for a prosperous relationship with GOD and in life. Our core instructors have decades of experience as pastors, missionaries and are experts in their fields.

Interested in religion, you came to the wrong place. We only offer transformation of life so that you can change the world around you. We’re here to change your lives so you can GO change the world!

Favored Beulah International College focuses exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook for all our Bible-based teachings. Therefore, it means when you become a student, you will learn about GOD’s word in ways that increase your relationship with GOD!

Transform Your Life, Change the World

Courses Summary

3 Year Associate Degree of Arts in Biblical Studies

  • 1
    First Year Certificate of Completion I
    Fundamentals of Christianity and Ministry
    In the first year, Learning Partners (LPs) would be exposed to foundational truths about GOD and the Bible before introducing the practical aspects of Christianity and ministry. The foundational courses include understanding GOD’s unconditional love, intimacy with GOD, the meaning and significance of the new birth and the anatomy of the new man, basics of righteousness, prosperity, the vital ministry of the HOLY SPIRIT, and so forth.
  • 2
    Second Year Certificate of Completion II
    Fundamentals of Christianity and Ministry
    In the second year, although more of the fundamentals of Christianity and ministry will be covered, the focus is moves to the practical Christianity and ministry. In small groups, LPs will practice the work of the ministry by ministering the word, preparing and delivering messages, planning and promoting conferences, conducting children and youth churches, and planning and going for missions. Although LPs are not expected to pay for their mission trips, everyone is required to take at least one mission trip to earn a degree from FBIC. The LPs must work with the college to raise funds for missions at least once in the three years of their studies. These trips are life-changing events and highlight their college experience. See the list of required elective courses available to LPs in the elective section. The list include but not limited to such as marriage and family, church planting and church growth, church history and church government, and much more.
  • 3
    Third Year Associates Degree
    Specialization and Ministry Training
    By the third year, all LPs would have identified and hopefully equipped in their specific calling in Ministry, Business, Media, Missions, Worship, or Government. Each LP chooses a school of study and are also offered sound biblical classes that further their walk with GOD. In the third year, LP apply for and work as interns at designated organizations and ministries.
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