July – Dec 2021 Semester





This foundational course draws participants’ attention to the greatness of GOD’s love. By the end of the course, they are able to differentiate between experiencing GOD’s love, which is accepting and relishing it, and work of faith, which what they do for HIM.  Learn how the Word declares love over your life.

GOD’s Word – The Sure Foundation (WOD 111) July 4 2021 – August 28, 2021

Learn how God’s Word is the incorruptible seed of His kingdom, intended to combat unbelief and produce a life of stability and fruitfulness. Establish your footing on the firm foundation of God’s Word and start experiencing life as God intended. Explore your system of thought and discover how it is the lens through which you view the world and make decisions.

Basics of Righteousness – (CHG 101) September 6, 2021 – October 30, 2021

This course would demonstrate to participants how their spirit, soul, and body work together in order to produce an abundance of life. They will also discover their true identity in Christ and examine how the reality of righteousness and justification will help you walk out your faith.

HOLY SPIRIT I (HOS 101) November 1, 2021 – December 26th, 2021

The doctrine of the HOLY SPIRIT and its place in fully manifesting all that GOD has for believers is the focus of the HOLY SPIRIT course series. The HOLY SPIRIT I lays the foundation of the indispensable place of the HOLY SPIRIT in the life of a believer. Many Christians want all GOD has for them, but most do not have it because of misinformation, or ignorance of the third PERSON of the GODHEAD. By the end of this course, participants would gain a biblical understanding about, how the HOLY SPIRIT works with examples from the church history, and how HE works today. First of a three-part series.

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