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Spiritual Authority Fundamentals: Victory for Everyday Living

Christians are to reign in life as kings. Not feeling like a king? This book will show you what you are doing wrong. Believers have misplaced their kingdom identity. This condition has robbed them of the victory JESUS died to give them. But as born-again Christians, they were raised with CHRIST and are presently seated with HIM at GOD’s right hand. Christian, determine that you will not be robbed. As soon as you became born again, you were translated from under satan into the glorious light of the kingdom of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You have been raised together with CHRIST to the right hand of GOD above angels, satan, and the unbelievers. This book will help you understand the fundamentals of spiritual authority so that you can take your rightful place of authority in the kingdom of GOD, victorious and able to fulfill your destiny.

Price: $15.99 (paper back) and $9.99 (Kindle Edition)

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“I am at the last chapters of SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY FUNDAMENTALS: VICTORY FOR EVERYDAY LIVING” I am so excited and couldn’t wait to share…I am blessed by the deep truths revealed in this book, and it gets better as I read on. Chapter 2&3 for me, was mind-blowing because it was just for me, the rights, authority, privilege I have as a believer and how to exercise it… Wow!”…


Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

“The wisdom in this book is powerful! After reading the Introduction, I could have stopped. It is all right there: why Jesus died, how our humanistic mind thwarts the Power and Authority Jesus’ death and Resurrection restored to us. Spiritual Authority Fundamentals demystifies, clarifies, and simplifies our walk with God. WE make our lives with Jesus too COMPLICATED and end up weakening the Power of the triumph of His Resurrection in our own lives. THIS BOOK set me back on course. Ifeoma Okechukwu’s book is easy to read and understand. This is an excellent primer for New Christians and provides a fresh path to begin AGAIN!”

Vanessa Davis

United States

“The book is excellent. I also attended one of her classes on this topic and was glad she wrote the book.”

R. Silverthorn

United States