"My experience with Dr. Ifeoma Okechukwu’s teaching was a visual revelation. I have a better revelational understanding of who I am, with a new found freedom to talk about what
“My dearest sister Pastor Ifeoma, good morning. Kudos and thank you for your great Christian works in truth evangelism, of which you afford me the benefit. I'm always in prayers
“For the first time in over thirty years, I understood my New Man and how to keep my old man buried…by renewing my mind…” Pastor Solomon
“The conference was an eye-opener …The reality of spirit, soul, and body was not only wholly explained, the knowledge of the New man and the Old man became a working
“My seating under PST Mrs. I Okechuku brought a change in my prayer point, Instead of praying for the triple portion of Elsah's anointing, I started praying for the manifestation
"My heart is full of joy and appreciation for what the LORD has used Dr. Ifeoma Okechukwu to do in my life, family and Ministry. I came into contact with
"I became born again in 1976, and in 1993, I went on a mission field to some of the Northern States of Nigeria where I planted many churches. I Decided
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